1.-13. October 2020
Cable Factory
Opening on Thursday, 1. October, 6 – 8 p.m.
Opening Hours:
12 – 6 p.m. (every day)

Vidha Saumya

The Sky Moved City to City, Speaking of the Burning Land,
Series, 2019 – ongoing
Embroidery on fabric
Sizes variable

In her cross-stitch series, Vidha Saumya appropriates media images of the world around her, including
the places she is from and a part of. She carefully considers the images she is using which often depict
explosions from war and industrial disasters to political gestures that reference the nationalistic. The
images and their narratives are only a reference point; as they become filtered through time, place and
context, the events are reinterpreted and their significance is continued from a new perspective. The
intricately stitched surfaces are small in scale, but the situations they represent extend far beyond
centimeters into the everyday, the political and the global.
With each count crossed, Saumya confirms a unique process of resistance; she is not interested in
documenting and preserving a moment, instead she is offering the beginning for new dialogues. In her
choice of images, she is commenting on how wealth, politics and even the media are in control of the
spaces that are meant for everyone, from the sky to a delicate rose petal.