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Timo Tuhkanen

Trafficking Values, 2018
Silver, wood, iron
Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 4 cm

Within the weathered surface of a cast-off piece of wood, five silver medallions present a message far
greater in value than one would think at first glance. Timo Tuhkanen has created these medallions in
order to give them to beings who exhibit extraordinary commitment to saving the planet—none have been given so far.
The ornate form of the medallions is a combination of two flowering plants. While both originate in
Australia (the silver wattle and the golden wattle) they are rooted in significantly disparate narratives
ranging from feminism and freedom to colonialism and nationalism. Interestingly, while the flowers
have been assigned symbolic meaning by humans, people often cannot tell them apart because their
flowers are so similar in appearance.
Trafficking Values represents a long history about the power humans have had over nature. It brings to
the surface the need for environmental activism and questions the role activists will have in helping
the environment toward a better future. And yet, Tuhkanen challenges us to rethink our perspective by
posing the questions of, “What is the future plants envision for the world if it was within their power
to create it, and not ours? What if a plant can do more for the world than humans can?” Possibly, the
future will be found in the knowledge of plants.