1.-13. October 2020
Cable Factory
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Faces and Traces of Uncertainty, 2020
Masks, Mexican cardboard technique
Mixed media
Sizes variable
Throughout history, masks have been an important accessory to the cultural, religious, political and
social. It is an item that serves multiple purposes and carries with it diversity and the ability to adapt to
all kinds of situations and narratives. Masks have the ability bring to life characters in an opera and
develop the imagination of children. While in stark contrast, they are used as a façade from which
truth can hide behind to promote power and fear. In the reality of our everyday, masks are necessary,
serving to provide us with protection from the unknown.
In the series of masks titled, Faces and Traces of Uncertainty, Rosamaria Bolom has sought to capture
the emotions of our present situation where anxiety, fear and anger are worn on our faces as we try to
exist in a time of confusion and disruption. The expressions of the masks and their colors allude to
catastrophe: yellow and red capture the pandemic and anger, gold and white represent capitalism,
apathy and indifference. Yet despite the severity of these masks’ appearances, they capture the unique
mood of today that we can all identify with. Through this connection to the shared experience of the
pandemic, Bolom’s work emphasizes that we should be working together to face the future, rather
than turning away from it.