1.-13. October 2020
Cable Factory
Opening on Thursday, 1. October, 6 – 8 p.m.
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Rita Vargas

Mirrors, 2018
Untitled, 2020

Intaglio on hahnemühle paper, 100% cotton, 300g/m2, acid free
60 X 85 cm

The two etchings by Rita Vargas pulsate with a hypnotic rhythm through a repetition of circular forms.
As one becomes accustomed to the patterns, hidden motives begin to emerge revealing both intimacy
and aggression. The circle is often incorporated in works by Vargas, who considers the form to be the
basic shape of the universe. In the print Untitled, they are positioned in strict unity and bring to mind
targets. Each center point offers the chance to take aim, to control something we want and need even
though the prize is invisible. There is a sense of violence further emphasized by the erratic scratches of red color bleeding into the symmetry of the spheres.
In close dialogue is the work Mirrors, where the targets are softer in tone and focus our attention on
private moments of women looking at their reflections in public spaces. The scenes capture the pose of
self-awareness; these glances in the mirrors are made in preparation for outward public exposure. The
extent to which we either admire, or possibly ignore, our appearance is often influenced by society,
and further fueled by the media. The work also raises the notion of surveillance; how should we react
when our personal space has been violated? The transition from one’s own thoughts to the sudden
realization of being watched is uncomfortable.